Prinz Adam


Breed: Poseidon von Kassel
Sex: male
Race: Ragdoll
colour/draw: Blue lynx point mitted
eye colour: blue
Birthday: 03.02.2015
HCM-Test: negative
PKD-Test: negative
FelV-Test: negative
FIV-Test: negative

Our Male Prince Adam was born in Kassel as Poseidon and comes from the breed Ragdolls of Kassel. He is a nice big and strong, quiet cat. Prince Adam is blue lynx point mitted, who wears Chocolate, so that in connection with our girls Blue, Seal, Chocolate & Lilac can fall in Point & Lynx.

Thank you Uwe & Nicole for this special boy.


Palatina Ragdoll Sam

Breed: Palatina Ragdoll 
Sex: male
Race: Ragdoll
colour/draw: seal point mitted
eye colour: blue

HCM-Test: follow
PKD-Test: follow
FelV-Test: follow
FIV-Test: follow

Juhu, our second starlet has seen the light of day. Palatina Ragdoll Sam is our beautiful seal point mitted male. Sam is a bright and playful boy with a stunning charisma. He has fantastic conditions and very good facilities to become a strong and big proud male. We hope for a great development and look forward to accompanying him. We would like to thank his great parents Aurel and Helen. Welcome Prinzi.