Breed: Helen Aramis de Neria
Gender: female
Race: Ragdoll
Skin colour: Chocolate lynx point
Eye colour: blue
Born on: 01.04.2015

HCM-Test: negative
PKD-Test: negative
FelV-Test: negative
FIV-Test: negative

Our cats Helen was born in Cyprus and was bred Aramis de Neria. Helen had the longest journey incl. Flight. It was warmly welcomed by us and was allowed to once recover from the journey. She has acclimated quickly and very great developed. A beautiful chocolate lynx point Ragdoll Lady is quite enchanting. We are very happy that they enriched our family.

Many thanks Nektarios for charming Helen



Breed: RagiSternchen´s Rebella
Gender: female
Race: Ragdoll
Skin colour: Blue point mitted
Eye colour: blue
Date of birth: 26.08.2018

HCM-Test:  negative
PKD-Test:   negative
FelV-Test:  negative
FIV-Test:    negative

my Icy, a dream in blue. Icy is a very friendly, interested and very cuddly ragdoll. Her passion: purring. She is always at our side, wherever the family is. Icy & Grace are half-siblings. In order to make it easier for our two youngsters to join our family, we have decided to record both together. The introduction to our family made absolutely no trouble for both of them. Right from the start, they felt at home. A very special thank you, to my equally warm and loving breeder friend Beate Hatnik. Beate and I fulfill our hobby with a lot of passion. We are proud that Icy is part of our family.

Thank you dear Beate for our Icy.