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Breeder with heart and mind

Stolen thoughts

MY THOUGHTS / CONTENT and the layout of my homepage are cheekily stolen, copied and used. INCREDIBLE! There is no collaboration or cooperation.

Hello dear Ragdoll prospective or early Ragdoll parents,

99% of all interested people often ask themselves the question: “How do I actually recognize a ‘good’ breeder?”

I have some sweet kitten & puppies, so NOT the cute pet baby is crucial, but much more, the home and the people who care for the animal offspring !!!

Here are a few nice tips, which you – at your decision, can be incorporated and observed.

Number of animals (only those who have a manageable number of animals, can also guarantee for the well-being of the animals.The food, medical care and affection, which each individual member of the family needs! A hobby-breeding is very time intensive, therefore my recommendation of the max Number of 4-5 cats 1-2 cats and thus a maximum of 5 litters per year!)
A HOBBY-ZUCHT should be an independent HOBBY and NOT finance the livelihood
sufficient space! The recommendation is about 15 m² per cat / r
Each breeder should have his own hangover (this is the only way the breeder can judge and guarantee the character, the nature and the health of the animal).
The cat should therefore also be available only to their own breeding cats. Every foreigner copulation carries enormous risks. (A breeder takes responsibility, does not offer his cat! The risk of infection, a parasite infestation is far too large and also the genetic lines should be respected). Anyone who constantly and permanently prizes his cat and makes it available, has only the monetary background.
The breeding animals and of course their offspring should have proven to have full (at least 4-5 generations) pedigrees. (You have the opportunity, during the visit, to look at the pedigrees !! Take this opportunity)
A “good” breeder, NOT offering (ads with photos) – his recently born kittens (with eyes closed, for me an absolute NO GO !!!)
The planned litters are only approximate. See HP’s through-the-clock throwing plans well beyond the current year should you hear loud church bells ringing ….
Observe the race-well and comply. THE RAGDOLL SHOULD NOT be allowed to move out in RETARD !! FINGER OFF, if the breeder agrees here !!!
The observation and assessment of a “suitable” breeding kittens, takes a certain time. Suitable kittens are born less often and not in every planned litter.
Our kittens, which are allowed to breed, are tested before donation, on the investigations relevant for us. To take responsibility.
Kittens who move out as “dear-hab-animals” should be subject to a castration order. Out of responsibility for the animal in order not to get into unfair hands!
I hope, my personal advice, can help you with your decisions.

Greetings, yours, Tanja

Dear Ragdoll-Parents, dear Friends and Visitors,

you are interested in the Ragdoll, would like to get to know us and our Raggies, are you planning or entertaining the idea of adopting young animal offspring? No problem, we will gladly arrange a visit. Advisory, informative but above all familiar and familiar, we are at your disposal.

Your Tanja

PS: We are pleased to inform you that we are now a veterinary accredited quality hobby breed with the best results. :

ByTanja Schwamb

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An alle unsere lieben Interessenten:

Sie interessieren sich für unsere Ragdolls und planen bezaubernden Palatina-Ragdoll Kitten ein Zuhause zu geben, dann freuen wir uns darauf, Sie bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen.

Sie suchen kein Kitten und bevorzugen die Aufnahme von einer erwachsenen Ragdoll, so freuen wir uns ebenfalls über Ihre persönliche Kontaktaufnahme.

Herzliche Grüße, Eure Tanja


Immer wieder werden MEINE GEDANKEN/INHALTE sowie das Layout meiner Homepage DREIST kopiert und unautorisiert verwendet. UNGLAUBLICH! Es besteht keine Zusammenarbeit oder Kooperation.

Hallo liebe Ragdoll-Eltern, Interessenten und Katzenfreunde,

erst einmal möchten wir Euch mitteilen, dass wir glücklich darüber sind, dass es Euch allen und auch uns gut geht.

Wir freuen uns sehr, das wir in dieser ungewissen und schweren Zeit, dennoch die Möglichkeit haben, mit Euch in Kontakt zu bleiben bzw. zu treten. Dank der digitalen Welt ist es möglich, Euch bei dem Heranwachsen Eurer künftigen Familienmitglieder, weiterhin teilhaben zu lassen und umgekehrt.

Auch ein mediales Kennenlernen via Telefon oder Video ist möglich. Natürlich ist es nicht das Gleiche und die Einschränkungen sind spürbar, dennoch ist es Etwas :-). Wir freuen uns schon sehr darauf, wenn wir alle in unseren gewohnten Alltag zurückkehren können. Gebt uns allen die Zeit dies es braucht, GESUND aus der Situation zu kommen, denn nichts ist WICHTIGER.   

Poe a Poe kehren wir in die Normalität zurück, dennoch sind wir bestrebt weiterhin die bestmöglichsten hygienischen Umstände für Sie und uns zu wahren. 

Wir wünschen Euch, in dieser schwierigen und ungewohnten Lebensphase, eine extra Portion Durchhaltevermögen. 

Herzliche Grüße

Eure Tanja


For those who want to know more about Ragdolls I recommend this video 🙂

Have fun looking! Thank you SIMON’S Cat
Dear interested parties,
You are interested in our Ragdolls or would like to give charming Palatina-Ragdoll Kitten a home – in 2022 – then we look forward to welcoming you. For 2021 we have already met all our Ragdoll parents. 
Yours Tanja

Hello dear Ragdoll parents, interested parties and cat friends,

First of all we would like to inform you that we are happy that you are all well and that we are well.

We are very happy that in this uncertain and difficult time we still have the opportunity to stay in contact with you. Thanks to the digital world, this is possible to allow you to continue to participate in the growth of your future family members and vice versa.

Getting to know each other by phone or video is also possible. Of course it is not the same and the restrictions are noticeable, but it is something :-). We are really looking forward to when we can all return to our usual everyday life. Give us all the time it takes to get HEALTHY out of the situation, because nothing is IMPORTANT.

Poe a Poe, we are returning to normal, but we still strive to maintain the best possible hygienic conditions for you and us.

We wish you, in this difficult and unfamiliar phase of life, an extra dose of staying power.

Kind regards, Tanja